emp|ty1 W2S2 [ˈempti] adj comparative emptier superlative emptiest
3¦(not used)¦
5 empty words/gestures/promises etc
6 do something on an empty stomach
7 empty nest
7 empty nest syndrome
8 empty of something
[: Old English; Origin: Amettig]
having nothing inside
an empty box
an empty bottle
an empty space behind the desk
The fuel tank's almost empty.
2.) ¦(PLACE)¦
an empty place does not have any people in it
I hate coming home to an empty house.
The hall was half-empty .
The streets were empty.
The building stood empty for several years.
3.) ¦(NOT USED)¦
not being used by anyone
I spotted an empty table in the corner.
He put his feet on an empty chair.
unhappy because nothing in your life seems interesting or important
The divorce left him feeling empty and bitter.
Her life felt empty and meaningless.
5.) empty words/gestures/promises etc
words etc that are not sincere, or have no effect
His repeated promises to pay them back were just empty words.
6.) do sth on an empty stomach
to do something without having eaten any food first
I can't work properly on an empty stomach.
7.) empty nest also empty nest syndrome
a situation in which parents become sad because their children have grown up and moved out of their house
8.) empty of sth
not containing a particular type of thing, or not having a particular quality
The beach was almost empty of people.
>emptily adv
empty 2
empty2 v past tense and past participle emptied present participle emptying third person singular empties
1.) also empty out [T]
to remove everything that is inside something
Did you empty the dishwasher?
empty sth onto/into sth
Elinor emptied the contents of the envelope onto the table.
He emptied out the ashtray.
if a place empties, everyone leaves it
The stores were closing, and the streets began to empty.
empty into [empty into sth] [i]phr v
if a river empties into a larger area of water, it flows into it
The Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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